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After the success of the Mali Latino album, Alex releases his third salsa album which features Colombian singer Jean Paul Tamayo, rapper MC Magico, Cuban bagpiper Wilber Calver and soul diva Aquilla Fearon who sings a powerful version of Steve Winwood’s Higher Love. Ever searching for the perfect salsa balance between swinging percussion, powerful horns and steaming vocals this album forges new territority while never losing sight of the roots of the Afro-Cuban roots of salsa. This album is tailor made for the dance floor and yet also has mellower romantic moments as well as Alex’s trademark salsa arrangements. Round this off with a bagpipe charanga track by Wilber Calver, a Cuban resident in the Swiss Alps and a hard hitting merengue featuring young Colombian rapper MC Magico and you have an explosive cocktail of latin fireworks!

"With its punchy horns, swinging percussion and impassioned vocals, Salsa Veritas for my toes tapping from the get-go"


salsa veritas alex wilson

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