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Nolita Golding - "Calling my Name"

“Our phones … constantly by our side, accompanying us in our every move. But what happens when the power shifts and that innocent slab of technology hunts us down?  Here is my story.”   

Nolita Golding teams up with renown latin music producer Alex Wilson to create cutting edge debut material, starting with the release of the first single “Calling My Name”.  Nolita Golding was born in Coventry, England and is of mixed Spanish, English and Mexican heritage. Her first memories of music are singing by the piano with her grandmother, Eileen Golding, a key figure who set her on the path of music. These formative beginnings prompted Nolita later in her career to use her grandmother's surname in her artist name, which she feels reflects her roots and mixed heritage. At primary school Nolita was quickly given lead parts in the choir and then at age ten her family moved to a small fishing village in Tenerife. She was soon snapped up by the local groups and at age 14 became known as the “Youngest Entertainer on the Island”.  Aftercomingofage,theyoungNolitadecidedtospreadherwingsandtryherfortunesinLosAngeles,California. She describes this period as vital in her early career, gaining experience as a session vocalist, singing soul/funk in English and salsa in Spanish. Nolita remembers fondly her first break in the salsa world with the late bandleader, Angel Sabroso who coached her and introduced her to the world of Latin music. Further work in LA included a duet with Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran, vocalist for LP signed artist Richie Gajate-Garcia, vocalist for the Henry Mora Orchestra and backing vocalist on the Premios Los Nuestro television show. Billy Paul (of Me and Mrs Jones fame) approached her at one of her concerts with the compliment “You's a jazz singer!”, referring to her versatile ability to improvise.  It was in LA that Nolita was offered a deal with Flow Entertainments which led to a fruitful working relationship with their producer Nataraj which included performing "Pull it Out" which was on the soundtrack of the feature film "From Justin to Kelly" After eight very intense years in LA, Nolita returned to Spain to refresh, recharge and concentrate on family. In 2012 she made the move to London, studying a university degree and running her music career in parallel. She works regularly as a songwriter and was snapped up immediately into the salsa scene performing with Roberto Pla, most notably as featured artist opening the 2016 “Our Latin Thing” Barbican Concert Halls performance.  It was at that London concert that she met producer/arranger/pianist Alex Wilson, first performing together, and they began to produce their fresh new brand of latin soul and salsa.  Ongoing work includes with Venezuelan percussion maestro Edwin Sanz, the Colombian group Palenke, a project with Danny Cummings (who played with George Michael, Mark Knopfler and many others) and continuing new latin soul track production with Alex Wilson.  As ever, the impressive power of Nolita Golding's voice combined with her bilingual skills has her in continuing high demand as the session vocalist who consistently delivers the goods ... watch this space for a latin soul star in the making!

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